Customers are 

waiting to taste what 

you've baked up.

The party is not the same without you!

Join Doughful!

Join the only creative marketplace for artisans like yourself selling desserts to customers around the world.  Getting started is easy as 1-2-3.

1. Sign Up!

Sign up to be a Doughful artisan.

2. Design Your Shop

Design your Doughful shop and add your baked goods.

3. Continue Baking

Continue baking and allow us to bring the customers to you. 

Why Sell on Doughful?

Doughful is the only marketplace for creative bakers like yourself.  While there are many perks for selling on Doughful, the greatest perk is belonging to a community of bakers you can collaborate with, grow with, and share your talents with. 
Additional Perks
  • Attract new customers

  • Grow your following

  • Increased visibility

  • Unlimited Product Listing

  • Secure Transactions

  • Direct Deposit

How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Doughful?

The monthly cost of opening a shop on Doughful is equivalent to the price of one cupcake. 


The price of one cupcake is all it will cost you to get started on Doughful.  You should make that back in no time. 

5% Transaction Fee

There's a 5% transaction fee for every sale you make.  This is a very small piece of your pie. 

2.9% + .30 Processing Fee

All credit card transactions are charged processing fees.  These fees are charged on all ecommerce platforms.

How it Work

Take a minute to watch the video below and learn how Doughful works.

Still Have Questions? 

We are going to attempt to answer your questions with our list of FAQs.

What is Doughful?

Doughful is an online marketplace for bakers and other creatives who create desserts.  

Do I have to sign a contract to open a shop on Doughful?
You do not have to sign a contract to open a shop on Doughful nor do you have to keep the shop open for any specified period of time.  The platform is billed on a basis month-to-month.  You can cancel whenever you'd like.  

When will I be billed the $4.99 monthly fee?

The fee is billed every 30 days.  So the 30 days depends on the day you open your shop on Doughful.  

Why should I pay $4.99 plus fees to be on your site?

When customers visit Doughful, almost 100% of the time they will be looking for some kind of dessert.  If you are a dessert company, it would only make sense for you to be on Doughful.  This is where the customers and your competition will be hanging out.

Also, if you are currently running ads to get traffic to your site, you know how costly it can be.  Doughful has narrowed down your audience to bring only those customers to this platform.  So, investing $4.99 plus the fees in your business is a great, yet minimal business investment.  

When will I be billed for the transaction and processing fees?

You will not be billed for transaction and processing fees; Rather, the transaction and processing fees will be deducted from the total sales you make on Doughful before the funds are deposited into your Paypal account. 

*** Remember, you are only charged transaction and processing fees when you get sales.  If you do not get any sales, you will only be billed the $4.99 monthly.  

How will we know if we have orders?

When you open your store on Doughful, you will add a forwarding email address to your account.  So every time you get an order, you will receive an email letting you know. 

Also, you can login to your store's backend on Doughful daily to check to see if you have any orders. 

Can I advertise my store's Doughful web address on other sites and social media?

Absolutely.  In fact, we encourage you to.