Welcome to Doughful!

Doughful is an online marketplace for shops that sell doughful desserts, baking or event supplies, or offer services for events where creative doughful creations are often needed.  We consider Doughful to be an online showroom for creative artisans like bakers, event planners, entertainers and more to showcase their creative talents and get sales in the process.  This platform will be a one stop shop for consumers looking for desserts and more for most any occasion.

The founder of Doughful is a consumer who has 3 kids and was often times challenged with having to search different social media platforms to find people to bake cakes for her kids' parties.  Often times there were no reviews and the selection was limited.  That could have been the result of poor search terms being used or people selling under their personal accounts.  

Doughful plans to solve this problem.  Now consumers can go to one site and search bakers, entertainers, and event planners by zip code.  In addition, they can find suppliers and even take advantage of discounts with these suppliers by being a Doughful vendor. Get everything you need, themed cups, themed plates, custom cakes, entertainers, photographers, and more on Doughful.com. We're changing the way you shop for desserts.